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Become a Volunteer

Volunteering in Rotary Youth Exchange is a rewarding opportunity to work with the future. Every exchange student that is helped by you is a very real leader of a better, more peaceful society. The basic values of the Rotary Youth Exchange are to promote peace through understanding.

By learning about another culture, learning another language, by becoming internationally aware of the greater world, lends itself to understanding, peaceful undertakings, and cultural understanding. To volunteer in Rotary Youth Exchange is to learn how to serve the youth of today in order to build a better tomorrow. How great an experience is that for you as a volunteer?

Ways You Can Serve

There are many ways that you can serve as a volunteer in Youth Exchange. You can volunteer to explain the program to high school teachers and counselors.

You can serve as a counselor during an in-bound youth’s experience. You can serve on the New Generations Team in your club. You can serve as a member of the district’s youth exchange committee. You can host a student.

And, it doesn’t stop there. You don’t always have to be a Rotarian to serve on a committee or host a student. Rotary opens its arms to all those who wish to serve.

Youth Exchange Florida and District 6980 is always grateful to have volunteers, and volunteers with as little as an hour a week are needed.  Your time matters and we could use your help! Since we work with teens, there is a process for all volunteers.

Applying to Volunteer

In accordance with regulations of the US Department of State, all Rotary Youth Exchange volunteers are required to complete this web form and submit it prior to serving as a Youth Exchange Officer, counselor, or other role at the club or district level.

The form will require that you provide contact information for three personal references; please note that these references may not be relatives or volunteers with RYE-Florida. If you begin the form but do not have all of the necessary information, or for some other reason need to finish at a later time, there is an option on each page to save your data and continue later.

Yearly Background Check

In addition to the application form, volunteers are required to submit information for a background check, and complete training and testing programs from the NAYEN (North American Youth Exchange Network).  All volunteers must submit a background check yearly. Your district chairmen will send you a link when you first sign up to become a volunteer – and then again on a yearly basis.

Details will be provided after the application is received.

Get the Volunteer Application here >>

We appreciate your cooperation and your willingness to serve as a volunteer with Youth Exchange Florida.


Stay Involved!

Your exchange does not have to end when you come home.  Stay connected with exchange alumni, and give back a little of your amazing experience.

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